License Terms

Last updated: Jun 2020

1. General terms

Usage: The 360° product view creator service is intended for displaying images in the 360° product viewer. The service must not be used for other purposes, without prior allowance by

End user license: The license holder (a single user) is the owner of the license for usign the 360° product view creator service and for using the player for displaying the 360° product views on websites.

No modify: It is not allowed to modify the player in order to disable or circumvent the license check. If our servers are offline no error message is shown, however the xhr requests to the domains *, *, must not be blocked.

Terms and Conditions: To obtain a license, it is required to agree with the Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

2. Free Trial License

The 360° product view creator service can be evaluated freely for 14 days, or with cloud hosting until 10GB of traffic is reached (whatever comes first). After trial ends, a paid subscription is required in order to use the srvice. If requested by email and granted, a free trial can be extended at no cost.

3. Creating content for clients

With the paid license you can create content for your clients. You remain the license holder of the 360° player. You, or your client is not allowed to resell/lease/license the 360° player further. You can charge your client for creating the 360° view and your client can use it on his websites, but your client must not resell/lease/license the 360° player further.

4. Cloud hosting costs

You can download the 360° views or host them with our cloud service. With our cloud service, each month you get a free tier of 10GB traffic (currently the unused amount is not transferable to the next month). If the traffic for your cloud hosted 360° product views exceeds 10GB, you are required to pay 0.2EUR for each additional GB.