Privacy Policy

Last updated: Jun 2020

1. Personal Information

The personal information you provid when registering an account is never shared with a 3rd party without your prior permission. Only information necessary for running the 360° product view service is collected. We send only the necessary emails that are connected with providing of the service (invoices, important updates).

Your content (images) belong to you only. has no rights to use them elsewhere without your prior permission.

Your payment information is processed with the service and their privacy policy is applied

2. Data we collect

Website: The Google Analytics service is used to collect usage information of this website and of the Creator app.

Player: The javascript based player that is used in the websites to display the 360° view does a check with our servers to see if a license is valid, or to check if the 360° view is is running on a domain that is authorized.

Traffic, Referrers: The amount of transferred data from Amazon CloudFront CDN servers to end clients is measured. Http referrers are stored to track from which domains the 360° product view content was requested.

3. Termination

Uppon your request, all your data (content, personal information) will be deleted from our servers and databases. Note: this step is final and irreversible, it will be not possible to restore the deleted data. You must send an termination request as email from the same email address that was used to create your account.