How the 360° view is created

1. Overview

Using the 360° Product View Creator Application you "stitch" the product photos into a 360° Product View, which can be embedded into your website. Just like YouTube video, using an embed code.

2. You need the Product Photographs

For a smooth 360° product view you need at least 36 images of the product, shoot every 10° for a full 360° view.

Recommended are 72 images - every 5° one image in a full 360° turn, which provide a smooth viewing experience while keeping the overall size of the 360° view small.

The recommended maximum image size is 1200px, and the recommended image format is JPG.

Here you can read some tips how to photograph products for 360 degree product photography

Here you can download sample product images:
- Sample Data

3. Use the Creator Application to create the 360° View

Use the 360° Product View Creator Application to import the images and configure 360° view settings like speed of rotation and others. The Creator Application resizes the images for mobile screens and "connects" the images with the 360 player.

There are two options how to publish the 360° View:

  • Simple usage:
    Upload the 360 view to y360's cloud and get an iframe embed code which you can use to embed into any other webpage

  • Advanced usage:
    Download an .zip archive of your 360 view wich you can host on your servers

4. Integration

The created 360° Product View can be embedded into any other website. The iframe embed code option (just like youtube video) is easy and straightforward. Experienced developers can use JavaScript to create / destroy the 360° player on demand.

The details how to use the iframe embed code are described in the
» Embed Code Documentation

For Wordpress users, there is a dedicated plugin:
» 360 Product Rotation Wordpress Plugin

For developers, the 360 view can be embedded/created/destroyed on demand with JavaScript, please see the
» API Documentation